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Welcome to the Asian Dating Wiki. This site is your comprehensive guide to finding a wife or girlfriend from Asia. It might also be useful if you're a woman interested in finding a husband from another country.

Seen something you disagree with or don't like? Then sign up and add your own content and add to our pool of collective knowledge.

This site is a part of Asian Love Connections, one of the many niche Asian dating sites out there.

This wiki is under construction. Here's the stuff we have got though:

The Crucial Stuff

How Much Will it Cost to find an Asian bride?

Asian Countries

Countries in which Western men commonly look for Asian brides include: China, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Laos.

Asian Ladies

Information useful for men seeking relationships with Asian ladies.

Answers to specific questions, like where to find Educated Ladies and Christian Ladies.

General FAQ's: Where 2 Meet - Your Country or Theirs?, Are they Better than Western Ladies?, Filial Piety - A Huge Drain on Your Resources?, what about Ladyboy dating?


How to travel to Asia in order to meet ladies…

What's the Travel: Best Time to Visit Asia?

How to get Travel: Cheap Flights?

Asian Online Dating

Asian Offline Dating

Don't rely on dating sites! There are other ways of meeting Asian people, such as:

Romance Tours

Marriage Agencies

Speed Dating


Dating Parties

Asian Dating Scams

Online and offline dating are good ways to lose money if you don't know what you're doing. So here's some information about the likely scams and scammers you might encounter…

Scams: Visa Hunters, In Person Scams

Living in Asia

It can take a while to find a life partner, so if you want an Asian partner, then consider living in Asia for a while. Here's some information about making that move out East.

Some issues you'll face if you choose to visit or even live in Asia: Noise, ATM Machines, ED Visas.

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