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A significant number of men seeking Asian brides are interested in finding women to marry who are also Christian.

So where is it best to find a Christian bride from?

The good news is that it's not too hard to find a Christian bride from any country in Asia. Obviously the Philippines is a good choice, as it's a predominantly Christian country. But don't discount other countries either.

Christian women are relatively common in China, Thailand and Japan.

In fact, Christian women in these countries often prefer to marry foreign men, as they perceive that it would be easier for them to find a like minded partner from a Western country.

Finding Asian Christian Women

Three approaches are recommended:

  • Join a local church and make contact with any Asian people in the congregation. Networking is always a good way of meeting potential life partners.
  • If you're using online dating to meet Asian women, then choose a dating site that allows you to search on religious beliefs. The Cupid Media sites (Chinese Cupid, Thai Cupid, Japan Cupid and of course Filipino Cupid) are pretty good in this respect.
  • If you're going to live in Asia, you'll find many larger cities have Christian churches and communities.

Xiongmao writes… I've met some very nice Christian ladies who live in Japan, Thailand and China. They've often struggled to find Christian guys in their own country, hence they look to overseas for love.

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