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Where do you go if you want an Asian wife who is smart and well educated?

Obviously it's possible to find smart ladies in any country. However, if we're going to generalise for a moment, then some countries are much better than others.

Top of the list should be Japan and South Korea. Both countries have Western standards of living and very high education standards.

Actually, top of this list should arguably be Singapore. But it's getting very expensive to live there these days. However, if you can find a well paying expat job there, then it could be a great place to find a smart and sophisticated Asian wife.

Hong Kong is also an option. But again, high costs of living make it only a realistic option if you can find employment there.

Perhaps the best compromise between the cost of living and the general education level of ladies is China. The Chinese education system churns out hundreds of thousands of very well educated women, and increasing numbers are choosing to study overseas, especially at degree level.

Perhaps the best Chinese city of all in which to find these educated ladies is Shenzhen. Shenzhen is an expensive city to live in, but it's much cheaper than Singapore or Tokyo.

One place to avoid is Thailand. Education standards are pretty low in Thailand.

Education is very important in the Philippines these days. But the problem with this country is that so many of its smartest citizens opt to go and work overseas.

Xiongmao writes… as a guy with a doctorate, I think I am pretty well qualified to know if a woman is smart or not. Actually, I'm not really that into smart women myself - if I was going to get married, I'd be more likely to choose a housewife/girl next door type. Anyway, if you DO like smart women, then I was impressed by the women I dated in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. I did date smart women in Thailand, but hardly any of them were Thais. The smart girls there were largely immigrants from Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines. And talking of the Philippines, I was impressed with how street-smart the Filipinas were that I met. If you're choosing a life partner, you don't want anyone who will piss your money up the wall.

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