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Ladyboys/shemales/transsexuals/transgenders - whatever you want to call them, they're becoming very popular indeed.

So here's a brief overview of ladyboy dating.

Where to Find Ladyboys in Asia

You'll find ladyboys throughout Asia, but they're particularly common in Thailand, the Philippines, Laos and Malaysia.

The ladyboys of Thailand don't need too much introduction. But you might be surprised to find that it's actually easier to find Filipino ladyboys, at least if you're using online dating sites.

Ladyboys are fairly common in Malaysia. However, being a predominantly Muslim country transsexual culture is more underground than it is in neighbouring Thailand.

Ladyboy Specific Dating Issues

What do ladyboys want? They just want to be loved - just like women do.

Treat a ladyboy as you would a lady and you won't go far wrong really.

Just be a little more cautious when you start dating a ladyboy. Some ladyboys have very volatile tempers due to messed up hormones, so be careful what you say and do. Remember also that ladyboys can be strong and occasionally vicious - if you get on the wrong side of them.

How to Get Started With Ladyboy Dating

Have a think about what attracts you to ladyboys, and which type of ladyboy you want to meet.

If you just want sex then online dating is a waste of time, especially if you're only planning on spending a week or two in Asia. You're probably better off just going to a ladyboy friendly bar.

If you want a longer term relationship then it's usually better to stay away from the bar scene. There are a lot of ladyboys who work in malls or in offices. They can take a bit more finding, but the chances are the relationship will last longer.

Ladyboys come in all different shapes and sizes. If you like tall ladyboys then Thailand is a good choice, but for more petite ladyboys then head for the Philippines. It's rare to find a Thai ladyboy who's 5' 6“ or shorter, but you'll find more petite ladyboys in the Philippines.

Men seeking ladyboy girlfriends tend to want to meet pre-op transsexuals, so just be aware that increasing numbers of ladyboys are post-op. This means they've had gender reassignment surgery, and this might not be want you're interested in.

Ladyboys also have varying sizes when it comes to breasts. They range from flat chested ladyboys to those sporting gigantic D cups (or larger).

Xiongmao writes… I met many ladyboys while I was living in Bangkok. They tended to be a lot of fun to talk to in bars, and generally smarter than biological Thai ladies too. Many ladyboys have “legit” jobs - walk around the technology stores in Bangkok's MBK shopping mall and you'll see loads. But at the same time Bangkok's crazy nightlife is a big lure for ladyboys who need to earn the money to keep looking fabulous.

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