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So. You've met somebody you like on an international dating site. You live in one continent, they live in another.

Where do you meet?

Here are a few suggestions when it comes to that all important meeting:

If you're wanting to meet somebody from a developing country and they want to meet in your industrialised country, then be extremely careful. Here's the thing - most people from developing countries CANNOT just get visas then hop on a plane to visit the USA, Canada, Australia or the UK.

If they can get a visa at all then it will only because one or more of the following are true:

  1. They have visited your country before.
  2. They're going to be visiting your country on business (if this is true then ask to see some proof).
  3. They're visiting as part of an organised tour group.
  4. They're rich.

Generally speaking you can discount the last reason if the person you're talking to is from Thailand or the Philippines. It's more likely if you're speaking to a Chinese national.

Many Filipino men and women do work overseas. But if you do get chatting to an overseas Filipino, it's often better to find one who is already living in your own country.

The reason you need to be wary about somebody visiting your country is that many scammers will make travel plans to visit you. Then at the last moment something will go wrong (lost bags, customs duties, invalid flight tickets) and inevitably the only way to resolve the issue will be for you to send money. Do you see where this is leading? It's a scam. Always.

Really it's often better for the person from the wealthier country to visit the person in the less wealthy country. So if you're a man seeking an Asian wife, then go visit her in Asia. The other advantages of this is that you can go and experience the culture of your future life partner. Plus if you're talking to somebody and there's no chemistry when you finally do meet, you can easily set up dates with others.

Here's another tip: when you do finally meet and the relationship looks like it has a future, take as many photos of you together as you can. Also save as much documentation of the visit as you can. Further down the line you might need to show proof of the relationship in order to secure a fiance or marriage visa.

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