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How much does it cost to find an Asian wife?

This article is an attempt to help you crunch the numbers and find out if you have enough money to finance a mission to find a wife from Asia.

The basic costs you'll have to budget for are:

  • Trip(s) to Asia to find a wife.
  • Dating site/introduction agency costs.
  • Visa/immigration fees.
  • Marriage costs.
  • The costs of supporting your new fiance/wife.

Trips to Asia

If you're intending to find a wife from Asia, then your biggest cost is likely to be airline tickets. Save money by learning how to pay less for flights.

You can save additional money by traveling out of season, and booking at least a month in advance. Here's an article about when it's best to travel to Asia.

Dating Sites/Introduction Agencies

It takes time and money to find a partner. You can speed up the process by using a dating site or marriage agency.

Dating site costs are usually modest compared to the costs involved with bringing a foreign bride back to your own country.

If you want to save money, avoid the letter writing types of dating site.

Free dating sites can save money. However, it will take more time to find a potential partner on a free dating site.

Introduction agencies can offer a more personalised matchmaking experience than dating sites can. However, they cost more, and tend to offer you far fewer potential partners than a big dating site can.

How much an introduction agency costs really depends on the degree of personal matchmaking they perform. Before joining an agency, be sure to ask them about how much their services will cost you and your future partner.

Romance tours are another idea if you have money. They'll cost as much as $3000 though, so they're not the budget option when it comes to finding a wife.

Marriage Costs

Thankfully marriage need not cost that much if you're marrying an Asian woman. In most SE/East Asian cultures you'll generally just have to pay for a meal out for your bride and her extended family. In some cases the guests will bring cash gifts, so you might get most of the money back again LOL.

How much you spend on a wedding really depends on what your bride is expecting. If she's over the age of 30 and has been previously married then you're far more likely to get away with a modest wedding.

Of course if you want it to be a wedding to remember, then by all means splash the cash. Just be careful about paying Western prices for everything.

Remember the folks back home who can't necessarily afford/travel to your Asian wedding. So factor in the cost of having a ceremony for the folks back home. You might also want to get married again in your own country for legal reasons.

Visa/Immigration Fees

Governments see immigration as a cash cow, and it can cost a fair bit to bring a foreign spouse back to your own country.

How much precisely depends on your own particular country and circumstances.

Generally speaking if a lady already has children and you want to bring them over as well, then your legal fees will increase significantly.

Supporting Your New Partner

Warning! A fair number of marriages between Western men and foreign women break down because of money. And in just about all cases it's down to the man exhausting his financial resources in the search for his life partner.

So make sure that once you find your special lady, you can actually afford to give her the lifestyle that she wants.

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