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China is a vast country, so a one page Wiki entry is hardly likely to do it justice. But here are some notable points you need to know if you're considering finding a Chinese bride.

First of all here are the key points you need to know if you like the idea of finding a bride from China:

  • China is much more like a continent than a country, with a mix of different ethnicities and many languages spoken.
  • If you plan on visiting China you'll usually have to apply for a visa.
  • There are many Chinese spoken languages, but only one main written language. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language, and the one that is easiest for foreigners to learn. Cantonese is another spoken language. It is mainly spoken in the South of the country around the provinces bordering Hong Kong.
  • While there is one main written language, the characters are written in either the Simplified or Traditional forms. Simplified characters are used in the People's Republic. Traditional characters are used in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Much of China has hot Summers and cold Winters, so pick the timing of your visit carefully. Spring and Autumn are best.
  • China has a huge population, and the cities are very overcrowded. Pick your visit time carefully, especially if you plan to travel by train or bus. Airports aren't generally so bad.
  • China has been described as rich country with poor people in it. There is poverty, but also great wealth. Cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen are very modern, and fairly Westernised.
  • The Chinese/Western dating scene is very different to that in Thailand. It's much easier to meet highly educated women from China, and it's also possible to meet some very wealthy ladies.
  • Chinese people tend to be hard working and ambitious, so if you're a laid back guy then you might be better suited to the more relaxed lifestyle of Thai and Philippines people.
  • Chinese culture is very different to Western culture. Before going to China and looking for a wife, immerse yourself in their culture, visit your nearest China town, and start learning the language.

Cities in China

Here's a list of major cities in China. The emphasis here is purely on cities that are worth visiting if you're interested in finding a Chinese bride:

  • Beijing is the capital of China. It has a major international hub airport so if you want to visit a smaller city in China, you might have to connect first in Beijing. As for staying in the city, the climate can be harsh, with bitterly cold Winters and scorching Summers. The city is also very sprawling, so it could take a while to travel to meet your date. Pollution is also a problem, due in part to the geography of the area which tends to make air pollution linger. On the upside, Beijing ladies are very attractive, and they speak good Mandarin Chinese in this part of China.
  • Shanghai is the financial capital of China. This is a very modern city, with living standards not too far behind Western countries. Shanghai is perhaps the most Western friendly Chinese city, and indeed some parts of it look more like Paris than anywhere in East Asia. On the downside, Shanghai can be oppressively hot and humid in Summer, and bitterly cold in Winter. It's also an expensive place to live, and again pollution can be an issue at times.
  • Guangzhou is in the sub-tropical South of the country, and is very different to either Beijing or Shanghai. In Guangzhou you're in Cantonese territory, so expect to hear this language more often than Mandarin. Guangzhou is a fascinating city to visit, and one that's very much off the usual foreign tourist trail. There are tea markets, flower markets and also many wholesale markets that function as the shop window for China's huge manufacturing industry. Guangzhou is home to a large number of migrants. If you want to date Chinese ladies, you'll find ladies from every province here. The downside? This city is packed to capacity, so it's not a place to go if you don't like crowds. It's also extremely humid throughout the year, although it can get surprisingly cool in Winter.
  • Shenzhen is around an hour by train from Guangzhou, and it's also home to the land border crossing with Hong Kong. Shenzhen is much more modern than Guangzhou, as most of the city was built after 1978. Shenzhen is also cleaner, and slightly less overpopulated. It's a great place to meet smart and sophisticated Chinese single ladies. On the downside, this city is much more expensive to live in than other cities in China.
  • Changsha is a smaller city roughly in the center of China. It's the capital city of Hunan province. Hunan ladies are very popular with Western men seeking exotic Chinese brides. Why this should be is unclear. However, Hunan ladies are very attractive, with skin tones mid-way between the pale white seen in Northern Chinese ladies, and the darker tones seen on Cantonese ladies. Personality-wise, Hunan ladies seem less feisty than Sichuan or Hubei ladies, but maybe a bit forthcoming than the milder Cantonese ladies. Incidentally, if you're interested in visiting Changsha, then bear in mind it gets very hot in Summer.

Photos of China

Guangzhou is one of the largest cities in China, with the world's 19th busiest airport. Yet most Western people have probably never heard of it…

Chinese ladies are popular with men who appreciate their and elegant slim figures:

It's quite common to see Chinese female best friends holding hands in public, as these two are in this photo. With the single child policy leading to so many single child families, young Chinese women have grown to rely heavily on their friends, rather than on siblings.

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