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Japan largely kicked off the whole Asian mail order bride thing after the Second World War, with American GI's stationed there finding that the local ladies had a lot going for them.

Since then of course the Japanese economy has boomed and the country is now one of the wealthiest on the planet.

These days far fewer foreigner men marry Japanese women. Partly they are put off by the cost of visiting the country. Another issue is that Japanese is a notoriously difficult language to learn, and few Japanese can speak English or other Western languages to any great degree.

Japanese women have a lot to offer Western men though. They are attractive, age very gracefully and like to dress very fashionably. Japanese food is also very popular these days.

Seeking a Japanese wife is a tough proposition for the average Western man though. Japanese people tend to prefer living in Japan. So if you want a Japanese wife, you would be advised to go and look for a partner in Japan. The country is an expensive place to live, and it can be hard to secure long term residency visas.

There are also significant cultural differences between Japanese and Western cultures. In particular, Japanese people tend to be exceedingly group orientated. As an outsider, you might find it hard to break into social groups, and without being in such social groups, initiating dating might be exceedingly difficult.

As with most countries with Western standards of living, it's also generally much harder to find a wife.

For men who like Japanese women but are put off by the expense of visiting the country for any length of time, China is an alternative. While Japan and China are wildly different, Chinese women do look fairly similar to Japanese women. There is also vastly more choice of potential partner in China due to the country's massive population compared with Japan.

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