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Lao/Laos is one of the less well known countries in SE Asia. It's even rarer to know anyone with a Laotian wife.

So is it worth finding a bride from Laos, and how would you get started in your search?

First things first, it's worth pointing out that Laos has a very small population. The total population of Laos (6.5 million) is around the same as the population of Shenzhen, a single Chinese city. London, England also has a greater population than the whole country of Laos.

A significant proportion of the population also live in extreme poverty, certainly when compared to neighbouring countries like China or Thailand.

Internet access is also extremely limited. As a consequence, there are comparatively few Laotian ladies on Asian dating websites.

A good place to find Laotian women is in Thailand. Many Laotians seek employment in their booming neighbour. However, you will generally find that Laotians are somewhat secretive about their nationality or employment status, so to avoid immigration disputes and possible deportation.

A good number of the ladyboys in Thailand are actually from Laos. So if you're dating a Laotian and you're not into the whole ladyboy thing, make sure your girl really is a girl 8-o.

Men seeking Laotian brides do have many alternatives though. There is Thailand and Vietnam, and maybe even Cambodia.

One good thing about Laos is that the national beer - Beer Lao is unquestionably SE Asia's best quality beer LOL.

Xiongmao writes… I've never dated a Laotian woman. But being the beer drinker that I am, I chatted to a lot of Laotian ladyboys when I was propping up bars in Bangkok. I have to say they were very smart, very funny, very attractive, totally feminine and yet suspiciously good at playing pool…

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