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The Philippines is rapidly becoming the most popular country in Asia for Western men to find Asian brides.

There are various reasons for this, including:

  • English is widely spoken in the Philippines, so there is much less of a language barrier than there is when seeking an Asian bride from Thailand, China or Japan.
  • The Philippines are actively encouraging more tourist visitors. It's also much easier to get a long term visa for visiting the Philippines compared to either Thailand or China.
  • Ongoing political strife in Thailand is making more men consider alternative destinations for seeking a partner.
  • The Philippines has a good sub-tropical climate and plenty of relatively unknown beach resorts.
  • The country is being seen as an attractive option for men seeking to retire overseas.
  • Filipino women are generally the most numerous nationality on most Asian dating sites, except perhaps those that focus on a particular country.
  • Many Filipino women live and work in other countries like the United States, Dubai or countries in Western Europe. Consequently it's possible to find an Asian partner who is currently living in your own country.
  • For various reasons, Filipino women are generally more accepting of an older partner than women from other Asian countries would be.
  • Filipino women are seen as good quality wives who will be faithful and loyal to their partners.

On the downside, there are a number of issues surrounding the Philippines:

  • There's generally more crime there than other SE Asian countries.
  • There's a great deal of poverty, and income inequality.
  • Due to the greater understanding of English, there are more scammers who earn their living from chatting on dating sites and getting men to send them money.
  • The country is prone to various natural disasters such as typhoons, tropical storms and mudslides.
  • For European men seeking Asian brides, it's further to travel to than Thailand.
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