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Thailand hardly needs much introduction. It's the Asian country most visited by Westerners, and has appeared in numerous movies. The so-called mail order bride business really got started by foreigners seeking exotic oriental brides from Thailand (and to a lesser extent Japan).

So what does Thailand have going for it?

  • It's the most Westerner friendly country in Asia. It's easy to find Western home comforts, and English is widely spoken.
  • Thailand is blessed with a good climate, and it's always warm.
  • Thai ladies are famously friendly, and the country is known as the Land of Smiles.
  • Thai food is very popular, and there are Thai restaurants in most Western towns and cities.
  • Thailand's capital Bangkok is a shopping paradise and there are plenty of tourist sites.
  • Many Thai ladies have friends and family who have married foreigners, so they have a much better idea of what they're letting themselves in for than ladies from countries like China or Vietnam.
  • Thailand is an attractive place to live in, especially if you're of retirement age.
  • Although Thailand has a fairly unstable political system, the nation itself is a major ally of the United States.
  • Thailand also offers the possibility of dating ladyboys! Ladyboy dating has really become popular in the last few years.
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