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Vietnam is a less popular destination for men seeking brides from Asia. However, it's likely to become an increasingly popular choice, due in part to:

  1. The uncertain political situation in Thailand and the feeling that Thai women are too Westernised these days,
  2. The ease of getting a visa to visit Vietnam compared to the hoops you need to jump through to get a China visa,
  3. The vastly improved Vietnamese economy meaning that the country is really starting to open up to outside visitors

Vietnamese ladies can be very beautiful. Looks-wise they're somewhat between Chinese and Thai ladies. At the moment the quality of Vietnamese ladies on dating sites is pretty high.

Vietnam is also an interesting country to visit. There is of course the huge historical legacy from the Vietnam War, plus many other tourist sites. Both Hanoi (Ho Chi Minh City) and Saigon have plenty to offer the foreign tourist. The long coastline also mean there are plenty of little known beaches waiting to be discovered.

So what are the drawbacks with Vietnam? Here are some considerations:

  • The country has a fairly hostile climate, with high temperatures, humidity, plus it gets frequently lashed by storms that move in from the South China sea.
  • Scams and scammers are rife in Vietnam. So be exceedingly careful.
  • It's apparently illegal for men to bring ladies to their hotel rooms. Which makes finding a prospective partner a little awkward.
  • Vietnam is less Westerner-friendly than neighbouring Thailand, and you'll find it more difficult to purchase Western goods (and food).
  • It's not a country to visit if you hate motorbikes.
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