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If you start using dating sites to search for Asian women, then you'll soon suspect that some photos have been heavily airbrushed. Photoshopping is another word for the technique.

Asian women are very much into the whole airbrushing thing.

Here's an example of airbrushing:

This woman looks 23, but her real age is 50!

Sure, Asian women do tend to age fairly well. But this photo is flattering in the extreme.

You'll find that Asian women nearly always make their skin look whiter than it is. This is not usually much of a big deal for Western men, but it's a huge deal to an Asian woman. Blemishes and wrinkles are also routinely airbrushed out of photos.

So the whole airbrushing thing is worth remembering when you're browsing dating sites.

Before flying 10,000 miles to go and meet a woman in real life, be sure to ask her to send natural photos of herself before you commit. A top tip here is to view your woman on webcam - this is a better way of seeing the more natural her. Webcam sessions when it's morning in her timezone are best - she might not have had chance to put too much make up on.

Perhaps the most enthusiastic users of airbrushing are Chinese women. This is very much a cultural thing - Chinese people love to make things appear better than they really are. It's been going on since before the computer and Internet age. You'll find that even your Chinese girlfriend's baby photos are likely to have been altered to rosy up those cheeks! And it happens in other aspects of Chinese culture. For example, this is the China you'll see in tourist brochures:

But this is the China you'll see if you actually go there:

Xiongmao writes… That bit about Chinese ladies having “photoshopped” photos of themselves as babies is absolutely true. I noticed it when my first Chinese gf's mom showed me photos of my gf from when she was a baby! And her baby photos would have been in 1979 - well before the photoshop age!

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