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Many guys like to find Asian brides who speak little or no English. This is all well and good, but how do you actually communicate with her? Here are a few tips:

  • First of all, find a country whose ladies you like, and stick to that country. Then it will make it much easier to learn that country's language and culture.
  • As soon as you settle on a country of interest, see if you can find a language course that's run in your local area. Mandarin Chinese courses are relatively easy to find. Once you have mastered the basics, you can go down the self taught route. But with Asian languages there's no substitute for having a real life teacher.
  • If you're interested in Chinese ladies, Sexy Mandarin is an intriguing way to learn Mandarin Chinese 8-).
  • Once you've found a lady you like, try and get her interested in learning English (or your native tongue if it's not English). Send her some money to buy books, or buy some when you go to meet her. Enroll her in an English course.
  • Chinese women used to make great use of pocket sized language translator machines. You can still buy them, but mobile phones have largely made them obsolete.
  • Before you visit a foreign country, install dictionary, translators and language learning tools on your smartphone if you have one. The Hanping dictionaries are highly recommended if you're interested in Chinese women.
  • Again with Chinese women, you'll find that QQ International has a really good built in translator that allows you have really decent chats with Chinese women who speak little or no English.
  • Don't rely on machine translations like those offered by Google, Skype or QQ. They're still not that great. Automatic translation of Thai is a complete waste of time. Chinese is better, but the translation tools are poor at handling tenses. As a result, they're useless for arranging travel plans!
  • If you have the time and money to go and live in Asia for 6 months or more, then why not get an ED visa so you can study the Chinese or Thai language in Asia?
  • If you're not that good at learning languages, then bear in mind that the majority of Filipino women you'll meet online or in the Philippines will speak excellent English.

Xiongmao writes… I don't know why so many guys have a fascination with Asian women who speak no English. I've seen plenty of these marriages crash and burn. Stick to the English speaking ladies, at least while you're learning an Asian language.

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