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Free Asian dating sites? What's not to like about that idea?

Hold on a minute though, because you might be wasting your time with them…


Asian ladies like to know who's serious on a dating site. And the #1 way they can tell is by using a pay site. On a pay site, only 5% of guys take out a subscription. The other 95% have no money or they're not serious enough in their search for an Asian bride.

It costs around $10,000 to bring an Asian lady from Asia to a country like the USA. And it costs even more to go and live in Asia with a lady. So women know full well that guys who can't pay $25 a month for a dating site subscription are unlikely to be worth bothering too much with.

The other problem is that free dating sites are much harder work. The best ladies get a lot more interests shown in them on free sites. So it's just not enough to send a lady an interest. You'll have to work hard at writing an email message to her that will really grab her attention.

Finally, no free Asian dating site is as popular as the Cupid sites. So a lady might check her DateInAsia account once in a while, but she'll be logging into her Thai Cupid or Filipino Cupid account at least twice a day.

Harsh words but this is the reality of the situation. Finding a bride from another country is NOT the cheap option. The cheap option is going to a bar in your local town and finding a lady there.

The good news is that if you do pay for a dating site subscription, then you'll get plenty of women wanting to chat to you. Then your biggest problem will be deciding which ladies are worth replying to.

Free Asian Dating Sites

If you must use a free dating site then try:

Asian Love Connections


Thai Friendly

Xiongmao writes… I spent 10 months of 2013 in Asia. I met a lot of ladies through various dating sites. How many DateInAsia/Thai Friendly women did I meet? 0. That tells you all you need to know about free dating sites. So bite the bullet, and buy a subscription to one of the big and popular pay sites. I've done very well on both Thai Cupid and Chinese Cupid.

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