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Letter Writing Sites are one type of dating site you'll almost certainly come across if you decide to start looking for a foreign bride.

In pre-internet days, there were a few mail order bride companies that allowed you to correspond with prospective foreign brides via written letters. This kind of business model carried over into the Internet age.

There are still a few sites that rely on the letter writing model, although they'll probably call them emails rather than letters.

Why do they exist? Because they are very profitable. Although having said that, they're not doing so well these days, as more men wise up to them and also due to the number of other ways of contacting prospective foreign brides.

How they Work

Letter writing sites will allow you register for free. So you can set up your profile and do a bit of window shopping to see if you like the look of any of the ladies on the site.

Generally you only need to pay if you want to contact one of the ladies on the site.

Most sites operate on a credits type system, where you spend real money to buy credits for using on the site. It costs a certain amount of credits to send or receive a letter from a lady. Some of the more expensive sites might charge you more credits to contact some of the more popular ladies on the site.

Some sites may also charge you for video calls with a lady. This can get very costly indeed, so beware.

When you send a letter to a lady, your English is translated into her native tongue, and her response is translated from her language back into English, then mailed back to you through the site. So they make it possible to seamlessly communicate with a lady who speaks little or no English at all.

These sites are easy to come across if you're seeking a bride from Eastern Europe, Russia, China and perhaps Vietnam. Most Philippines ladies speak English, so there's less need for this kind of site for them. Letter writing sites for Thai ladies aren't so common, maybe because it's so easy just to jump on a flight and go meet Thai ladies in person.

Problems With Letter Writing Sites

These types of site might seem cheap at first. They generally don't charge a subscription fee, so you might only have to spend $3 to contact a lady, rather than pay a $150 annual subscription fee up front.

The problem is that if you send 3-4 letters to one lady, and 5-6 to another, then costs will very quickly escalate.

Some sites do allow you to speak directly with a lady after you've exchanged a certain number of messages. Then you can keep the letter writing service for important matters, like making plans to meet in real life.

Avoid any letter writing site that doesn't allow you to get alternative contact details of a lady you're really interested in. There's a big risk in this instance that the lady might not even exist!

Some letter writing sites will also string you along, by providing canned answers to your emails, pad them out with fluff, and of course you might not even be talking to a real lady.

The whole problem with this business model is that it's in the interests of the site and the underlying marriage agencies to invent fake profiles.

Underlying marriage agencies? You'll find that most letter writing sites get their female profiles from marriage agencies in countries like Russia, Ukraine and China. The agencies make a percentage of the income from the letter writing revenue.

Advantages of Letter Writing Sites

Letter writing sites do have some advantages:

  1. They make it possible to communicate with foreign ladies who don't speak any English at all.
  2. Not all ladies have Internet access, and not all are computer literate. For example, a lot of more mature Chinese ladies can't use computers, as they never learned one of the systems used today for typing Chinese characters (e.g. pinyin).
  3. Not all foreign ladies speak or can write any English, so they can't use dating sites that aren't available in their own native language.
  4. Letter writing sites make it much easier to organise travel plans should you want to meet a particular lady in real life.
  5. You're less likely to meet certain types of scammers on these sites. In particular, African fraudsters are much less likely to be using these sites.
  6. For ladies using the sites, they're pretty effective at keeping perverts and weirdos away!

Alternatives to Letter Writing Sites

  1. Use a free dating site, or one with a flat rate membership fee.
  2. Meet ladies using a mobile app like WeChat or Skout.
  3. If you need a translator, hire one yourself on oDesk.
  4. Find an English speaking lady so you don't need a translator. English speaking ladies are numerous in the Philippines. Many younger Chinese women also speak fluent English. Thai ladies who speak English are fairly common, although many will have picked up English by speaking to foreigners in bars.
  5. Jump on a plane and go meet ladies in real life.

Xiongmao writes… When I first started looking for a Chinese wife I signed up to one of these letter writing sites. The women were attractive, the translation system good at allowing me to communicate with Chinese women who may or may not have understood any English. Very soon though, I started burning through money. Thankfully I wised up after a few months and signed up for Chinese Love Links (now Chinese Cupid). This site offers FLAT RATE DATING - pay for a month or year's membership and you can chat to dozens, nay, thousands of women! Still, I can't deny that letter writing sites don't have some very high quality women on them, and it is a good way of meeting ladies who would never otherwise appear on a dating site.

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