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OK this is a delicate topic, but one that needs to be mentioned in the context of Asian dating.

Political correctness is very much a Western invention - it's less relevant in Asia. And if there is political correctness in Asia, it's often there to pander to Westerners.

There is a definite racial hierarchy at work in Asia, just as there is in the rest of the world. But you're more likely to hear people talk openly about it in Asia. In fact it's quite common to see Asian women on dating sites saying they're not interested in black guys, or indeed anyone who isn't white.

Anyway, don't get too aggrieved about this - there are plenty of Asian women who ARE interested in you, whatever your race.

One tip on dating sites is to play up your nationality. There's a definite nationality hierarchy in the world, and if you're American then you're pretty much top dog. Australian, Canadian and British are somewhere behind Americans. Europeans tend to lag some way behind, if only because the majority of Asian women don't tend to know much about these countries (except perhaps those who have seen French movies).

Chinese women are often suspicious of black dudes, as are women in Thailand and Malaysia. But in these cases, it's more to do with nationality than race. There are a few black dudes in these countries that deal drugs, scam dating site members and are involved in other shady businesses. But this is more to do with the fact that they're from countries like Nigeria, than the colour of their skin.

If this topic interests and|or enrages you then check out Race and Dating.

Xiongmao writes… I may be white, but I got stereotyped a lot in Asia. I'm in my 40's, wear glasses, and so 99.999% of people I met in China thought I was an English teacher. Also everybody assumed I was rich. But then I've been stereotyped my whole life. PC or no-PC, people make judgements about you based primarily on your looks. You know what? The next time I return to China I probably WILL be an English teacher. As to non-white guys, well I've seen black dudes doing VERY well in Japan - much better than I ever managed out there.

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