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Here's a bit of an adhoc list of the different types of lady you're likely to encounter on Asian dating sites.

With time and experience, you'll be able to categorise most ladies into one or more of these types.

If you're considering dating an Asian lady (or any lady for that matter), then figuring out what she wants, and why she's interested in YOU is crucial.

So here's the list of lady types:

  1. 18-24 year olds often just want to chat. So don't waste too much of your time with them (especially if you're 30+ yourself)
  2. Divorced ladies are often looking for a replacement husband and a father figure. Nothing wrong with this but just bear in mind her ex might have traded her in for somebody younger or hotter.
  3. Sometimes you see non-Asian women on Asian dating sites. Often they're oddballs who can safely be ignored.
  4. Ladies who are thought of as being unattractive in their own countries, but Western men will find them much more desirable. Asian guys like all kinds of things like certain eye lid types or nose sizes, but Western guys don't tend to really notice these features. Anyway, these “unattractive” ladies are well worth seeking out!
  5. Alpha females/city girls who are attracted to smart men (who are always in short supply).
  6. “Older” women (Asian guys tend to prefer girls in the 18-25 age range).
  7. Asian women who are Christians.
  8. Women seeking visas/green cards for particular countries (avoid these at all costs!)
  9. Women who spend their whole life on the site (they're either very serious about marriage, or are scammers)
  10. A lot of Asian women who have friends/relatives with Western husbands want a Western husband of their own.
  11. Ex-mistresses (Chinese) and bar girls (Thailand, to a lesser extent the Philippines and Vietnam)
  12. Ladyboys (not always easy to spot!)
  13. “Baby hunters” who are desperate for a baby. Again, these could be worth seeking out if you also want kids. But beware the woman who will effectively ignore you once you've given her what she seeks…
  14. Scammers.
  15. Women seeking business deals (usually Chinese).
  16. Cam-whores seeking customers.
  17. Women who are affiliates of other dating sites/chat sites and want to sign you up to some kind of service that will cost you money.
  18. Weirdo women who freak out if you actually contact them.

If you can think of any more types then why not join this site and add to the list?

Xiongmao writes… Date enough Asian ladies and you'll soon be able to group them into categories. Some - maybe 15% are keepers, and finding those 15% is a full time effort.

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