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This article is an attempt to catalogue the types of women that you should be wary of on dating sites.

It's always recommended that after signing up to a dating site, you should lurk for a while, and read as many profiles as you can. After a week or two of lurking, de-cloak and start contacting ladies who you like the look of.

But whoever you contact, be more careful of the following:

  • Women who are single children. These are much more common in China, especially those born after 1979. Don't write off only child women. But the issue with them is that in Asian cultures it is expected that a child will care for her parents and older relatives. By care for I mean spend money on them when it's needed. Single child women obviously have to carry much more of a burden than those who have siblings. As the saying goes in Asia, marry her, marry her family.
  • Narcissistic women can be a nightmare. They're pretty easy to spot on dating sites. They will upload more photos than average. The photos will often be airbrushed. And obviously they'll be looking gorgeous in every single one.
  • Younger girls aren't usually worth bothering with, unless you're under the age of 30 yourself. Most are either time wasters, scammers, or both. If you want to marry a woman and have kids, then 28 is a good age to aim for.
  • Before you get involved with a woman and you start falling in love, research the practicalities of going to visit her. In particular, you are wise to avoid Thai women who live in Southern Thailand, Filipinas who live in predominantly Muslim areas, and Chinese women who live in the far North West (Xinjiang Province) and anywhere near Tibet. Stick to cities you can visit safely and conveniently, like Bangkok, Cebu, Guangzhou or Beijing.
  • Ladies who are always on dating sites are either serial daters, scammers or they're deadly serious about marriage. The latter are more likely to be found in China. Scammers are particularly common in the Philippines.
  • Beware of women who have lots of male friends, and be especially wary of Asian women who have lots of Western male friends. You can best find this out by checking out her social media profiles on Facebook, LINE and WeChat.
  • You'll often have more success if you look for a woman of a similar social class as yourself.
  • Be wary of women who speak no English at all. If you live in a country like the UK you'll face additional administrative battles to get her a visa to come and live in your country. And of course it will be really hard to chat to her, although you'll probably manage to communicate better if you meet her in real life. Marrying a woman who doesn't speak your language is a big (huge?) gamble.

Whether you agree or disagree with this list, one tip is that you can use it to construct some ice-breaking questions to ask her through the dating site. So if she is living in a big city like Bangkok or Manila, ask her where she's from. Chances are she's from a smaller town or village and just moved to the big city for work. And also ask her whether she has any brothers and sisters. Both questions will start to break the ice and get her to open up to you.

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