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If you're thinking about marrying an Asian woman, then you MUST be aware of the concept of filial piety.

Basically means that Asian women (and guys of course) are financially responsible for caring for their parents and other older relatives.

What that means for YOU can be summed up thus: marry her, marry her family.

In Western countries our culture is a lot different - we tend to pack our old folk off to old people's homes if we can no longer care for them ourselves. The other big difference is that our older people are more used to looking out for themselves. They're generally more independent. And we have pensions so that old people are more financially independent.

Filial piety is generally going to be a bigger issue if you're interested in Chinese women, or women who are of Chinese heritage. The single child policy in China has also lead to fewer younger people having to care for older people who are living longer than ever before. It's not being cynical to suggest that a fair number of Chinese women on dating sites are there to find a rich husband who can support her family through old age.

So how do you lessen the burden on your finances? Some tips are:

  • Avoid only child women, and find those who have siblings who can share the burden of care.
  • Only date orphan women, or those who aren't close to her parents and extended family.
  • Avoid women who have parents who are already in poor health.
  • Date rich women, or at least those who can earn enough to send money back to their families.
  • Only marry women who are good with money.
  • Help people provide for themselves. If you do marry an Asian woman, investigate health care insurance and pension plans for older family members.
  • Be wary of subsidising the lifestyles of younger members of the family. This is particularly relevant to Thailand.
  • Talk about this subject before you get married!

Is it right to avoid your obligations? The facts are that many guys seeking Asian brides don't have much money. They're also already in their 50's or 60's, so they have limited options for earning a lot of money. Plus they might also have older family members of their own that they have to care for, as well as children from a previous marriage.

If you want to know more about filial piety, it's already been covered on another wiki: Filial piety - Wikipedia.

Xiongmao writes… I learnt about this subject the hard way. My first Chinese gf's parents both got sick, and as an only child it was up to her to sort it out. Her solution? Marry a rich USA dude. Another Chinese lady I know lost her mom to lung cancer. Treating such a disease in a country like China can cost $30,000 or more. Can you imagine telling your Chinese wife that you don't have that kind of money?

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