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If you're planning a trip to Asia, then here are a few tips about ATM machines.

ATM machines are widespread throughout Asia, particularly in Thailand.

Thailand's main cities have vast numbers of ATM machines ready to serve you:

Here are some ATM related tips for your Asian travels:

  • It's usually much cheaper to get foreign currency in Asia than in a Western country. In Asia you might get up to 10% more currency!
  • Tell your bank that you're traveling to Asia (and which countries), then you're less likely to face the problem of your ATM card not working.
  • In countries like Japan and China, machines that take foreign issued cards are somewhat less common. So stock up with cash in airports, or whenever you're in a major city.
  • In Thailand most banks will charge you a fee for withdrawing cash. Aeon bank is about the only one that doesn't.
  • Be wary of people hanging round ATM machines, although this applies to any country in the world.
  • You can also take cash with you to Asia, and exchange it for Thai baht, Yen, Yuan etc. But if you do then remember to take clean bank notes. The Chinese in particular won't always accept notes that are torn, have staples in them or anything scribbled on them.
  • If you're taking cash, take extra security precautions. If you're going to the Philippines, be aware that some foreigners have reported having money stolen while their personal possessions are being screened by airport security staff.
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