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If you're planning on visiting or living in Asia then one thing you need to be aware of is Noise.

It's pretty noisy in Asia!

In Japan you might be woken up by politicians shouting through loudhailers. In Thailand the “quiet” side streets will often attract peddlers who toot horns or make other kinds of racket in the hope you'll buy their wares. And pretty much everyone in Thailand also owns a dog, usually of the kind that like to bark a lot.

And as for China, well that could well be the loudest country of all, especially given how many people are crammed into each square mile of your average Chinese city.

So if you pack anything at all in your suitcase, be sure to take some good fitting earplugs. The Macks SafeSound range are particularly good.

Photos of Noisy Things

How close will you be to the nearest airport…

In Bangkok there are often street sellers hawking goods around your local neighbourhood:

Expect to see (and also hear) these from 7am to sundown.

In most of Asia (except in some Chinese cities where they're banned), motorbikes are numerous:

Hardly any of them have silencers fitted of course.

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