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If you go to Asia then there are of course plenty of bars where you can meet ladies.

Bar culture is more popular in Thailand and the Philippines. Bars are also widespread in Japan, and you'll find a few bars in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Chinese men tend to prefer KTV (Karaoke) clubs to bars. If you use these in Asia, then watch your bills in places that double as sex establishments. They're well known for ripping off foreigners.

Larger Chinese cities do however have a few bars that are popular with foreigners. You can take ladies there and impress them by buying extremely expensive imported beers and lagers.

But for meeting ladies in bars Thailand and the Philippines are top.

Seaside resorts like Pattaya in Thailand are just like one big bar. No other city on the planet has so many options when it comes to pissing your money down the drain :-O.

Beer bars in Nana Plaza, Bangkok:

A good place to hang out, watch some sport and try to work out which ladies are ladies, and which ladies are ladyboys.

Soi Cowboy - a good place to see young (and not so young) girls dancing in their skimpies:

I should also mention that there are also some great places to listen to live music here as well.

Advantages of Bars

Bars do have some advantages:

  • It's hard work arranging dates via online dating sites. If you're only in Asia for a week or two, you could go there the whole time and not meet any ladies at all.
  • You avoid fake ladies and fake profiles.
  • It's so easy to know if there's chemistry when you meet a lady in real life.
  • If you're curious about finding an Asian bride, then chatting to some Asian ladies could help you make your mind up.
  • If you've just come out of a long term relationship then you can drown your sorrows but at the same time oggle bar girls and remind yourself of why you married a woman in the first place.
  • Bars are also good places to find ladyboys.

Bar Dangers!

Xiongmao writes…

I spent 6 months living in central Bangkok. As a beer drinker, I spent a fair amount of time in Bangkok's drinking holes, and also a little time in Pattaya.

Thailand's beer and lady bars are great, but I won't pretend that bars are good places to find a long term partner. Bar ladies aren't working in bars for the money. They're there because they're not good at spending their money wisely, or they have problems. Big problems.

Bar customers have their issues too.

Read Stickman Bangkok or other Thai forums and you'll hear all sorts of stories about Thai guys beating up foreigners. Yet the only really nasty experiences I personally encountered were from my fellow foreigners. One guy at a bar got quite nasty by accusing me of driving all the ladies in the neighbouring bar away. In fact it was 2am and that's the time they went home to bed. Nothing to do with me LOL! And another guy was so deranged that he picked a fight with me in the local supermarket.

If you go to Thailand, the most important thing to remember is to keep the money flowing. When you run out of money, you need to leave the stage. Most tricky situations in Thailand can be defused with money.

Don't be disappointed if an evening doesn't go according to plan. I went out most nights. Some nights were rubbish. Sometimes you'll go to a bar and the ladies won't even talk to you. Sometimes you'll go to a bar and a rich dude will walk in and bankroll the whole evening. Some nights you'll find a soul mate. Other nights you'll get talking to some interesting foreigners. Occasionally you'll be left having to watch the tuk-tuks driving past.

I saw some crazy stuff in Bangkok. My best bar girl friend's friend kept a tazer in her handbag. We drank at a street-side bar that was decanting moonshine into smaller bottles. One night it rained so hard I practically had to swim home.

So enjoy Asia's beer bars, but know when it's time to move on and get the hell out.

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