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Marriage agencies are another alternative to online dating.

Marriage (or dating) agencies exist in most countries of the world. Most of the ones in Asia exist to help the local residents find partners from their own country. However, there are also a number of agencies that will help Asian ladies find overseas partners.

Marriage agencies that do this can be found in China, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.

There used to be quite a few of them in Thailand, but they don't seem to be doing so well in the Internet age. Matchmaking isn't that profitable, despite what you might think.

Of the Thai marriage agencies, Thai Professional is about the best known.

For Japanese women, TMA is long established, and has a large number of ladies on its books. Meet Japan Lady is smaller, but the quality of lady is very high indeed.

A large number of Chinese agencies exist. However, they tend not to have English language websites, but operate through dating sites such as Chnlove and the Anastasia brands. It's a similar situation in the Philippines.

Marriage agencies do have a number of advantages. The better ones screen out scammers and the ones in Thailand and the Philippines should also screen out bar girls. But it's worth bearing in mind that with endemic corruption and poor business ethics, it's unwise to expect too much of any business located in SE Asia.

If you do use an agency, then make sure you're made aware of how much it will cost to use their services. Some agencies in China also make the women on their books sign contracts that promise huge success fees should they find them a partner. Just be aware of this, because naturally you'll have to foot the bill. But don't pay if you don't want to, because you're not liable for a contract you haven't personally entered into. The best advice here is negotiate. If you want a ballpark figure, consider $750 maximum. If violence or intimidation rears its ugly head, then walk away.

Xiongmao writes… I used a Japanese marriage agency and received excellent customer service. When I first started looking for a Chinese bride I engaged in the services of a few China marriage agencies. Their ladies' profiles were advertised on the Chnlove dating site. Some marriage agencies I dealt with were great, but others ended up wasting my money by sending me duplicate messages, and I wasn't even sure one or two ladies actually existed. Really introduction agencies are better at the top end of the market, when you have plenty of money, but don't have time to trawl dating sites in search of honest and decent women.

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