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A romance tour is basically a trip to another country where you get the opportunity to meet prospective brides.

Romance tours are really aimed at Western men seeking foreign brides from emerging market countries - there doesn't seem to be an equivalent for Western women seeking husbands.

The tours started off as a way for American men to find Russian brides, but a few companies now offer romance tours that cover Latin America (especially Colombia) and of course Asia.

Two companies who offer romance tours of Asia are LoveMe and Anastasia.

On a romance tour you'll basically be put up in a hotel and participate in a couple of social evenings where you can meet dozens of ladies. See anyone you like and you can schedule dates with them for the rest of the time you're in that country.

Advantages of Romance Tours

  • You completely avoid online dating scams such as men posing as women, Africans posing as Asian women, women who don't actually exist.
  • You get to meet dozens (hundreds in the case of the Philippines :-o) of women in one go.
  • The tours are generally well organised and a lot of fun.
  • Meet like-minded guys who are also looking for foreign brides.
  • The tour operators can help you with travel plans - useful if you've never traveled abroad, or to Asia.
  • The tour operators usually provide translators if you're visiting a country where English isn't widely spoken. So at least you can get to know ladies you're interested in.
  • The tour operators can also answer any questions you have about a particular culture.
  • Meet ladies in comparative safety.

So there are many benefits of going on a romance tour. A few issues though are:

  • Are the ladies there really marriage minded, or did they just go along for the free food and drink?
  • There is talk of hookers coming along to these events to find clients. They're kind of fun to meet, but a big waste of time if you're marriage minded.
  • What if you see a girl, and another dude on the trip also likes her?
  • There are only a few limited options as far as destinations are concerned. With Asia you're talking about Cebu and Davao City, and with China it's Shenzhen and Chongqing.
  • These trips only happen a few times of the year, so you might not be able to take the time off from other commitments such as work.
  • Romance tours are expensive.

Xiongmao writes… I nearly went on a romance tour, but I felt they were just too expensive compared to just booking a flight and hotel and taking my chances with a dating site. If you have the money and you haven't been to Asia before, then they're definitely worth a go. One last thing - LoveMe offer the best romance tours, but they're a very American company and if you're not American they might drive you nuts.

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