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Dating sites can be hazardous due to the scammers you'll often encounter on them, but don't let your guard down in real life either.

Once you've arranged to go and meet somebody in another country, take plenty of precautions!

First of all, use basic common sense. When you first meet somebody, meet them in the lobby of your hotel. For the first date, try to eat at a local restaurant, and one that you've had chance to check out beforehand.

Thankfully if you're going to meet a lady in Asia, then you'll find that most are so happy to finally meet you in person that everything will go OK.

But just be aware that there are a few scams you should be aware of:

  • Some ladies will just take advantage of you by taking you to an expensive restaurant and having you foot the bill. Be particularly wary of the lady turns up with a chaperone. Don't end up paying for a girl and her friend to have a feast at your expense!
  • If you met a lady through a letter writing site, then watch the translator if you arranged for one to show up for the date. Sometimes she might not always be giving you truthful translations. It's even been known for a translator to tell the guy that the Asian lady he went to meet doesn't actually like him - the translator obviously has her own plans for him…
  • “Tea shop” type scams are particularly common in China or Vietnam. You'll get taken to an expensive tea place or a shop, then have to foot the hefty bill. If you fail to pay, a number of heavily built men will suddenly appear. For this reason, it's best to avoid taking a lady shopping on a first or second date.
  • Some Asian ladies on dating sites are hookers, or lonely or both. You'll no doubt have fun going to meet with them, but they're not really the kind of ladies you need to be meeting if you're serious about finding a marriage partner. Needless to say, if you're seeking marriage, then avoid chatting to women who live in touristy nightlife places like Pattaya, Phuket or Angeles City.
  • When you're on a date, watch your alcohol intake. There's a lot of talk of drink spiking in China and Thailand, but I never saw any real evidence of it.

Xiongmao writes… I've dated over 50 Asian women. I met most of them on dating sites. I've got into cars with strange women, dined in unfamiliar restaurants, taken a few risks, and yet I've never really had any problems. Chinese women were fantastic, but Thai women need a little more care. A few Thai women I spoke to were wanting me to bankroll their nights out, or they were hotel receptionists by day, hookers by night.

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