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Sadly, looking for a wife from another country isn't without risks.

One such risk is getting involved with a Visa Hunter. These are people who look for a partner from another country in order to secure a visa, right to settle or passport for another country.

Some Asian women are visa hunters. They can be harder to spot than the out and out money lookers. But they need to be avoided at all costs due to the huge damage they can inflict on your mental well being.

Signs that a woman is a visa hunter include:

  • On dating sites, visa hunters often state they have a particular preference for men from a particular country.
  • When you start chatting to her online, she asks you a lot of questions about your living arrangements, how big your house is etc.
  • The majority of visa hunters are looking for a green card to the USA. So if you live in a European country then you might be less susceptible. But don't let down your guard.
  • A visa hunter won't be too choosy about her choice of partner (victim).
  • She might be reluctant to get sexually involved with you.
  • She might spend a lot of time chatting online to people who aren't you.
  • A big red flag is if she already has friends or relatives in your country. Maybe she has a finance or husband already lined up, but she just needs that visa and the funds to get to your country.
  • Visa hunters aren't necessarily poor. Many Asian women are very ambitious and want to realise their ambitions in a country like the USA. If you're dating a smart Asian woman, then beware that she might want to trade up once she gets to your country.

A good way of avoiding visa hunters is to take a relationship slowly. Better still, why not move to Asia. Then you'll avoid this issue altogether.

If you want to get your new Asian girlfriend to come live with you in your country, one option is to get her a fiance visa. Then if the relationship doesn't work out, it's up to the immigration authorities in your country to deport her when her visa expires. This is somewhat less risky than going straight for a marriage visa.

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