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When's the best time of year to travel to Asia?

Asia is great to visit all year round. However, the climate can be hostile at particular times of years. Here are a few things to watch out for…

  • Thailand gets very hot from March - June, but it tails off towards December. However, travel out of the peak Winter season and you'll find there are less tourists, and of course less competition for ladies.
  • Most of China can get intensely cold in Winter. Much of China is also fiercely hot in Summer. The very best time to visit is in April or September - October.
  • Vietnam and the Philippines are warm all year round, but can be exceptionally hot and humid in the Summer months.
  • Japan also gets very humid in the Summer months. Japan is great in the Spring, especially if you can time your visit to coincide with the Cherry Blossom flowering. Autumn is also another great time to visit Japan.
  • The South Korean Winter can also be very brutal. Again, Spring and Autumn are better.
  • The downside of traveling to Asia in the Autumn is the potential for typhoons.

Xiongmao writes… I've lived and traveled to many Asian counties. I prefer to visit during April or October-November. I visited Shanghai in January and it was absolutely freezing. Actually it wasn't freezing - it was 4 or 5 degrees C. But the dryness of the air made it feel a lot colder than my native England ever gets. And I also got a terrible cold there, so I spent half the vacation in bed. Much better was visiting Japan to see the Springtime cherry blossoms, and anywhere in Asia is just terrific in late Autumn. Finally, if you don't like the heat, don't ever go to Bangkok. I lived there for 6 months. It topped out at 39C, and never got below 21C. 180 days in Bangkok, and not a single one of those days was cold. Not a single day.

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