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If you're flying to Asia from another continent, then you'll want to keep your travel costs as low as possible.

If you want an Asian bride, then it might take 3-4 trips to Asia before you get hitched, and that's not including trips to meet prospective life partners.

So here are some things to bear in mind when looking for flights to Asia.

  • Flights are usually cheaper if you book them at least a month in advance. With budget carriers like Air Asia, you often have to book up months in advance.
  • Christmas and (to a lesser extent) Easter are more expensive - try to avoid traveling at these times.
  • Try to travel outside of school vacation times, especially if you don't have kids yourself.
  • January and November are particularly promising months for traveling to Asia.
  • Have a play around with SkyScanner. It has a useful search facility that allows you to see flight prices for an entire month. Then if your schedule is reasonably flexible you can choose to fly on the cheapest possible dates.
  • Mid-week is generally better for finding cheap flights. Sundays can be good as well.
  • If you're prepared for a bit of hassle, then choose overnight flights, or indirect flights.
  • Middle Eastern operators have some decent aircraft, and a wide range of destinations reachable from connecting in somewhere like Doha.
  • Use an online comparison site to get absolutely the best deal for your flight tickets.

There are more direct flights to Asia these days. Below is a photo of a Vietnam Airlines flight from London Gatwick airport non-stop to Vietnam for example. However, expect to pay more for a seat on a direct flight. To save money, fly via the Gulf, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey or another country. Don't worry about what the airports are like in these countries - most are way more modern than somewhere like Newark 8-o.

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